Reseller Information
Resellers play an integral role in helping Corporate Reflection deliver great service and maintain our mission. Through the use of showrooms and product demos, resellers take the CR brand to businesses across Australia. Therefore, we put significant emphasis on building relationships with our resellers, no matter how large or small, and endeavour to provide them with an easy and flexible ordering system. Here are some benefits of becoming a Corporate Reflection reseller:

Cutting Edge
A market with few large players often leads to high cost structures and lack of excitement in the product mix. Corporate Reflection has combined an innovative price system with an ambitious collection to give our resellers a head start.

Appealing Apparel
Corporate Reflection aims to give our resellers a point of difference when catering to a market that craves contemporary style and lots of choice. We offer a wide range of fabrics, better fit options and more exciting styles. The benefits of our cost efficient, high quality apparel are twofold: allowing you to compete more effectively and increase profit margins.

Innovative Inventory
Our price points will allow resellers to compete with the largest players and contracts in the industry without compromising style or quality. At Corporate Reflection we are dedicated to providing fast turnaround and stock service for all clients. This means lower inventory levels, less risk and more flexibly with your product mix.

Become part of Corporate Reflection and reap the rewards of a fast paced, forward thinking brand.